What Will Be Covered By My Property Manager?

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For investment property owners, working with a professional property management company is often one of the most important decisions they will make. Experienced and proven property managers can make a significant difference in how profitable a rental property is.

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Still, some property owners may have a difficult time deciding whether to handle the role of landlord on their own or turn it over to a property manager. Specifically, these property owners may have questions about what will be covered by a property manager. While this largely depends on the arrangement and contract that is agreed upon by both owner and manager, here are some examples of what will be covered:

Maintenance and Upkeep of Property

Many property management contracts include the maintenance of your property, including landscaping, janitorial and repairs. Property management firms typically have well established working relationships with contractors who provide these services and are able to negotiate good prices and fast completion of tasks. Not only does the management company handle the bidding and hiring of these services, but they also oversee the completion of projects to ensure everything is done correctly.

Collection and Payment of Rent

Your property management company will cover the collection of rent and make sure you get paid on time. This may not seem like it would be a difficult task to complete, but in some cases, it can be a challenge to get rent paid on time. Rather than having to deal with making phone calls or hounding tenants for payment, turn it over to your property manager, who will take the necessary steps to ensure you get your money on time.

Negotiating Rental Agreements

Each time your property is rented, the new tenant must sign a new rental agreement or contract. Certain properties may have very specific terms in the contract that must be discussed and sometimes negotiated before the tenant will sign. These terms might include deposit fees, required maintenance, and the length of the lease. Your property management company can handle the negotiation and signing of rental agreements and then enforce that contract throughout the lease.

In addition to rental agreements, a property management company can help you steer clear of unqualified tenants who may have a shaky renting history or are not able to afford rent. They can handle the processing of applications and narrow down the applicants to those who are the most qualified.

To learn more about what property managers cover, contact Real Property Management Evolve Tucson. We currently manage 25,000+ properties and are placed among the most trusted providers of property management services in the country. Find out what we can do for you by calling us at 520-883-7368.

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