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Rental Property Management: The Right Way

Real Property Management Evolve is a leading property management company that provides a comprehensive spectrum of property management services in Tucson. Experience and expertise are the two basic factors that people look for in a property management company.

Full property management services

Real Property Management Evolve offers every property management service you need.

Seamless renter placement

We even guarantee tenant placement.

Find out how much your property will rent for

We can estimate your average rental rate.

Free In-Home consultations

Let us come to you to discuss your options.

We handle all maintenance

Never lift a finger in managing your rental property

We commit to being competitive & affordable

Real Property Management Evolve promises our customers that we will be competitive in pricing.

A Full Suite of Property Management Services:

  • Multi-level tenant screening
  • Tenant Guarantee
  • Online Portals
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Proven Tucson Marketing
  • Techniques
  • We Know The Market
  • Investors Love Us

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Ready to get started? Contact us today and we’ll build the perfect service package for your needs. With a full suite of property management services, we’re here to help!

Testimonials From Our Clients

  • Had the opportunity to work with Riana most recently after purchasing 2 new properties. As an out-of-state owner who needs to know that my properties will be well taken care of, she was a breath of fresh air. I have worked with other companies and Riana simply stands out - she's very knowledgeable about the business and easy to work with. She returned my phone calls promptly and provided all the information that I need in an efficient manner. A class act! tucson property management 5 star

    Chelia A.
  • Real Property Management Evolve manages my condo in Scottsdale. They did a great job finding a qualified tenant. Would recommend them to my friends. Fare management fees. tucson property management 5 star

    Joan P.
  • I own several properties in Phoenix and Las Vegas and have gone through my share of property management companies. I am very impressed with Real Property Management Evolve. Their professionalism and attention to detail has by far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long lasting relationship! tucson property management 5 star

    Barry C.
  • I have been using Real Property Management for a few years now. I won't use anyone else. Randall Averitte provides top-notch service. I never have to wait for him to respond to my calls, no matter what time of day. His staff is amazing, and I enjoy talking to them. They really do care about their clients. tucson property management 5 star

  • My primary reason for choosing Real Property Management Evolve was based on them being centrally located to my 6 properties which spread out all over the Valley, as well as their great reputation. I'm taking the time to write them a review because since day one they met all of my expectations and their service is consistent with their reputation, which these days is seldom the case. If you're a property investor or a single property owner and have no desire to manage a property on your own, then Real Property Management Evolve is the company for you! tucson property management 5 star

  • I have a large block of homes that are very difficult to track from an accounting standpoint. ALL of the previous property management companies that I have used to manage them could never get it right using standard property management software. One of the reasons I chose Real Property Management Evolve is because they do a custom report just for me. Real Property Management Evolve literally designed a report to my specifications. There are few companies, if any, that are willing to go above and beyond in the same way. I am lucky to have found a diamond in the rough! tucson property management 5 star

  • I rent my beautiful home from RPM Pinnacle. I have never had a rental go so good. Everything in the home is being maintained well. Once, I had my microwave go out, and they had replaced it quite fast. Renting from them has made my life a little less stressful. tucson property management 5 star

  • I needed to locate in Phoenix, and had RP manage our property here in Tucson. They did a wonderful job, and the help was always very polite and valuable. tucson property management 5 star

  • I have a vacation home rental that Real Property Management Evolve rents out for me primarily during peak season. They have provided this service for several years for me and have done a great job. There is a lot of coordination that is required with a vacation rental, and I did not want the hassle but I wanted income. This company takes on all of the hassle that I don't want, but I still get the money out of my property that I need. tucson property management 5 star

  • Kim is awesome! She goes above and beyond. Because of my work schedule, I have had to call her several times after normal business hours. She even gave me her cell phone number and told me to call whenever I needed help. Sure enough, the first time I needed to call, Kim was there. All the staff have been so wonderful. I feel good knowing that Kim and her team are managing my property. tucson property management 5 star

  • I just started to invest in a property in Arizona, and Real Property Management Evolve came highly recommended to me by a realtor friend of mine. So far, I have been extremely impressed with both their service and responsiveness. I was hesitant about acquiring more properties, but now that I feel I have a competent company to manage them, I plan to move forward. Highly recommend this company! tucson property management 5 star

  • I have over 20 properties with this company. They go above and beyond for me and allow me to focus on my other businesses. I recommend them to anyone. tucson property management 5 star

  • I signed up with Real Property Management Evolve after buying a 13-unit foreclosure. The property was in bad shape when I bought it. Real Property Management Evolve helped me get the property back up to code and tenanted in a fair time. Kim in the office was especially good to work with, as she is very available and extremely knowledgeable. tucson property management 5 star

  • Just signed a lease with them. So far, so good. The property was very clean and the leasing agent who helped me was really helpful and responsive. tucson property management 5 star

  • I have had a great experience with Real Property Management Evolve. They are courteous and professional. Super happy! tucson property management 5 star


The Trusted Leader In Tucson Property Management

Real Property Management Evolve provides a comprehensive spectrum of professional property management services. Operating out of 200+ offices based across the US, we currently manage 25,000+ properties and are placed among the most trusted providers of property management services in the country at Real Property Management Evolve, we understand that different types of properties have different maintenance needs. Therefore, we offer an array of services to suit diverse requirements.

Ready to learn more?

Ready to get started? Contact us today and we’ll build the perfect service package for your needs. With a full suite of property management services, we’re here to help!

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