Benefits of Tucson Property Management

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Benefits of Tucson Property Management

Property Manager in TucsonIf you own a rental property, hiring a Tucson property management company has many benefits.  As a company that specializes in Tucson property management, we have full time professionals, like groundskeepers, cleaners, and maintenance people that are time and cost efficient.  Whether you live in Tucson or not, having a team at your finger tips makes rental property ownership easier and more profitable.

Another benefit of hiring a Tucson property management company is that their experience means you get the highest possible rental income.  This is produced many different ways.  For example, you can rest assured that your property will be rented out right away.  At Real Property Management Pinnacle in Tucson we have 98% occupancy among all the properties we manage.  This a great for you because a rented property means rental income.

A Tucson property management company also ensures that you have the best possible tenants.  Knowing how to market properties to the right target market and how to vet possible tenants is a large part of owning a profitable rental property. You don’t want to rent to those who have a history of paying rent late, damaging properties, or leaving the lease early.  A Tucson property management company, like ourselves, has honed in a system that finds the best possible tenants.

If you have multiple properties, and really even if you have one, its incredibly important to be organized, keep separate files on each property, and keep bills and receipts separate for each property. A professional property manager does this to make it easy to see the income and expenses for each individual property so making adjustments isn’t a guessing game.

Another benefit of professional Tucson property management is that it makes it the property owner doesn’t have to be available all the time for their properties.  Real Property Management Pinnacle handles all the calls, all of the emergencies, tenant communication, repairs, and the day to day necessities.

Perhaps one of the most under-utilized aspects of our Tucson property management is our consultations BEFORE you even own a property.  If we get the chance to meet with a new investor before they buy a property we can offer sound advice about properties they are looking at.  We might talk about location, upkeep, purchase price, and rental price.  All of these things can determine whether a property is a viable rental property.

About Randall Averitte

Randall Averitte has had long history of professional success. He graduated from Ohio University with honors and accepted a position in Pepsico USA’s coveted Management Training Program. Within six months of being in this Program, he was promoted to District Sales Manager leading a Team of 8 Salesmen in the “On-Premise” Division.

After two years with Pepsico, Randall was recruited to go and work for Glaxo Pharmaceuticals. At the same time, he started investing in real estate. He was a perrenial top performer in a number of different marketing and sales roles while working for Glaxo, and he was directly responsible for driving multi-million dollar growth in the sale of pharmaceuticals. Although he had tremendous success while working in corporate America, real estate investing became his true passion. Therefore, he decided to take his drive and history of accomplishments, and start his own Real Estate Brokerage.

He launched and currently manages a full service real estate brokerage with a focus on property management. His two offices cover both the Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona markets. He provides a range of services in the real estate industry, and clients are comprised of both institutional and private clients, which are located both Domestically and Internationally. Large clients such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have sought the services of Randall Averitte’s company.

Randall is an accomplished real estate investor who has had tremendous success investing in properties throughout the Arizona and Texas Markets. He has a unique ability to connect with people, and help them make educated decisions that positively impact their real estate portfolio.

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