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Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson is a leader in providing comprehensive property management services.  Our services stem from residential, multi-family, commercial, vacation rentals to professional house sitting services in Pima County in the metropolitan Tucson, AZ area.

Why Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson


Experience in property management matters. For almost 10 years, Real Property Management (RPM) Pinnacle Tucson has been providing outstanding property management services. Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson was founded based on the belief that the company could provide better customer service than what was being offered by the industry. By 2011, Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson was recognized as one of the top franchises in the national company system, receiving the distinct honor of Franchise of the Year among the other 180 franchises.

On average, our highly qualified, professional staff has more than 20 years of real estate and/or property management experience. We also boast a lower staff turnover rate compared to the industry average. When you work with Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson, you will interact with some the most qualified property management staff in the greater Tucson metropolitan area. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of all aspects of property management and real estate markets, understands the operational complexities of renting and owning properties and provides impeccable communication and customer service. With our proximity to the University of Arizona, we have experience in renting to college students and understand the unique opportunities and challenges of this market.


Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson, is a trusted leader in providing comprehensive property management services in Pima County in the metropolitan Tucson, AZ area. When you choose Real Property Management Pinnacle, you get the professional service and backing of a trusted national organization with the personalized touch of a local company. Real Property Management has more than 300 offices across the United States, managing more than 25,000 properties. Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson possesses expertise and knowledge of the Tucson, AZ real estate market.

During the Real Estate downturn, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac trusted Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson to manage more than 250 properties while they searched for suitable investors. You can also feel confident that we will provide you with outstanding property management service. Whether you’re a student looking for housing or an owner of a multi-family property, we will find the right rental or tenants for your needs. Our vacancy rate is at about 2–3 percent, which is significantly below the industry average of 6–7 percent. With an average time to rent at less than 20 days, you can trust that we will place you in your next home or rent your property quickly, saving you time, hassle and money.


At Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson, we are invested in our clients’ success. Responsiveness and customer service are critical when choosing a Tucson property management partner. We can save you time, so you can save money. With Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson, rest assured that if an issue arises, you can reach someone in our office, and it will be handled professionally and promptly. You won’t get caught up in the endless loop of an automated phone tree when you call us. Live associates are available during our regular business hours to take your call and an after hours communication protocol is in place. Our high staff to property ratio allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of service at the best value. For a partner in Tucson property management, call us today to see how we can help!

What People Are Saying About Real Property Management Pinnacle Tucson


Many of our referrals come from local realtors who have worked with us or heard of our high quality, value-added service. Listen to what our realtors have to say:

Danny Johnson
“I have worked in the Tucson real estate industry for more than 25 years, and have never worked with a property management company that takes such good care of their clients and the client’s properties.  I recommend that all of my investors who need property management services utilize Real Property Management Pinnacle”

Sara Tulesonia

“I own several homes in Tucson, and when circumstances prevented me from continuing to manage them on my own I turned them over to Real Property Management Pinnacle.  As a real estate agent, I have referred my clients to them for a number of years.  Therefore, I knew that they would do a good job with mine – and they have!!!  They are a top notch organization.”

Property Owners

We have successfully worked with many local and nonlocal property owners by sharing our expertise of the local Phoenix market and knowing the unique nuances of neighborhoods. Here’s what our property owners said:

Rebecca Scott

“I have a vacation home rental that RPM Pinnacle rents out for me primarily during peak season. They have provided this service for several years for me and have done a great job. There is a lot of coordination that is required with a vacation rental and i did not want the hassle but i wanted income. This company takes on all of the hassle that i don’t want, but i still get the money out of my property that i need.”

Elijah Linnen

“I signed up with RPM Pinnacle after buying a 13 unit foreclosure. The property was in bad shape when I bought it. RPM helped me get the property back up to code and tenanted in a fair time. Kim in the office was especially good to work with, as she is very available and extremely knowledgeable.”


Quickly finding the right place for renters is our priority. Our team strives to be responsive to our tenants’ needs as well. Hear from our tenants:

Jeremy Bonnema

“I rent my beautiful home from RPM Pinnacle. I have never had a rental go so good. Everything in the home is maintained well. I had the Microwave go out, and they replaced it extremely fast. Renting from them has made my life a little less stressful.”

Jessica Adams

“Just signed a lease with them… So far so good. The property was very clean and the leasing agent who helped me was really helpful and responsive”.

Dustin Makayla
Dustin Makayla
17:51 16 Feb 18
I moved to Arizona several months ago after accepting a new position. I had a short amount of time to find a place to live prior to starting my new job. While looking online, I found what appeared to be suitable housing for me so I called about it. The representative who I spoke with was quite helpful and was able to get me into the property that same day. She truly went above and beyond to accommodate my tight schedule and quickly get me approved for the house. My positive experience has continued in the few months that I have been in the home. My experience with this company was a nice welcome to the state of Arizona.
Michele Washington
Michele Washington
15:46 07 Feb 18
This is a great company to work with! I had to find a company quickly to rent my aunt's house once she decided to move to a facility. Not living in Tucson made it hard to try keep up the property myself. They are professional and courteous and respond to any issues immediately. They take good care of the property. If you are looking for a competent, courteous and efficient company then RPM Pinnacle is it!
Melony Wallace
Melony Wallace
06:41 04 Feb 18
RPM Pinnacle Tuscson is absolutely the greatest company I have had to deal with. They respond to all concerns expeditiously and with a great deal of compassion. I never have to follow up and my tenants are always happy. They truly have exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend.
Annie Noto
Annie Noto
19:01 10 Jan 18
We have performed a great deal of work for this company and the properties that they manage for years. The staff is always professional and well organized. This company is by far the best!!! We often recommend them to individuals who are managing their properties on their own and need help. This is one company that I am happy to call a partner.
Lacey Wolf
Lacey Wolf
19:28 06 Jan 18
My partner used this company while buying her house and had a really great experience. Very professional and helpful, I highly recommend them. If I am ever in need of a realtor or property manager, they will be my first call.
Richard Camp
Richard Camp
00:14 06 Dec 17
There are a lot of companies to pick from when a choosing a property manager in this town. I feel fortunate to have chosen RPM Pinnacle. They provide a very high level of service that I am not sure I would get anywhere else. I often feel as if I am their only customer, even though I know I am not. Well worth the money I pay them. Thank you!!!
Vanessa Lightner
Vanessa Lightner
18:15 06 Nov 17
I was referred to RPM by my realtor. She says she sends all of her property management clients to this company. I see why now, as everyone in this organization is fantastic. I just started with them, but I am quite impressed with the service they provide. Thank you!!
Randolph Mayhall
Randolph Mayhall
20:09 16 Oct 17
I am in the process of buying an investment property and I need a manager. I have started the search for management while I look for a property. Although I have not found the property yet, I will definitely be using this company for management. I am really impressed with their follow-up and attention to detail. They have provided rental values on properties that I am considering and on two occasions have met me to walk the property with me and realtor. So far I am really impressed. Thank you!!!
Melvin Braun
Melvin Braun
20:24 21 Sep 17
I am happy yo report that this company is absolutely wonderful. My experience with them as been such an improvement over the last company. Highly recommend!!
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  • Had the opportunity to work with Riana most recently after purchasing 2 new properties. As an out of state owner who needs to know that my properties will be well taken care of..she was a breath of fresh air. I have worked with other companies and Riana stands out…very knowledgeable about the business and easy to work with. She returned my phone calls promptly and provided all the information need in an efficient manner. A class act! tucson property management 5 star

    Chelia A.
  • RPM Pinnacle to manages my condo in Scottsdale. They did a great job finding a qualified tenant. Would recommend them to my friends. Fare management fees. tucson property management 5 star

    Joan P.
  • I own several properties in Phoenix and Las Vegas and have gone through my share of property management companies. I am very impressed with Real Property Management Pinnacle. Their professionalism and attention to detail has by far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long lasting relationship! tucson property management 5 star

    Barry C.

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