What is a Professional House Sitter?

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When a homeowner knows that they will be away from their property for an extended period of time, they may be inclined to hire a house sitter. A house sitter’s job is to essentially live in the home and manage it while the homeowner is away. House sitting duties include watering plants, tending gardens or lawns, paying bills, checking the mail, taking care of pets, or any other task that the homeowner needs help with.

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How Much is a House Sitter?

The rate that someone will pay a house sitter largely depends on the types of tasks that are required while the homeowner is away. In many cases, there is no payment at all. Instead of paying a house sitter, the agreement is that the homeowner will allow the house sitter to use their home for free. There are many house sitters out there who are eagerly searching for a place to stay and do not require any type of payment.

If a homeowner has an extensive amount of tasks that they need completed while they are away, or if they need a house sitter during a demanding time of year, like over the holidays, then a payment arrangement may be appropriate.

Why Would I Need a House Sitter?

If you know you will be away from your home for an extended period of time, but want to give your home the appearance that someone is still home to deter burglars, squatters or vandals, having a house sitter live at your home may be the perfect solution. Also, as stated above, you may have certain duties or tasks that need to be performed at specific times or in a certain way in order for your home to be properly maintained. A house sitter can make sure these things are taken care of.

How Do I Hire a Good House Sitter?

It might seem like finding a person to stay in your home while you are away is an easy enough job. However, you’ll want to be careful whom you choose to ensure your home stays in the same condition as when you left it. Be sure you are taking the time to check references as you consider different house sitters. There are house-sitting agencies with websites that allow you to learn more about the house sitter and their previous work before you hire them. It’s always a good idea to have a clear contract ready for your house sitter to sign to avoid any trouble down the road.

If you have questions about hiring a professional house sitter, including whether or not it is necessary for your home, give Real Property Management Evolve Tucson Tucson a call at 520-883-7368.

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