10 Home Improvement Trends for 2015

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Most of us have something we would like to change about our homes, whether it’s that ugly wall color we don’t like anymore or the carpet that needs to be replaced. Now is a great time to tackle those improvement projects before the busy holiday season starts.

If you’re considering taking on a home improvement project or two, here are some of the year’s most popular fixes for your consideration.

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1. Vinyl floor tiles

If you’re looking to update your flooring, you may want to consider vinyl floor tiles. They have the same look of ceramic tiles because they will be grouted together, but the softer material is warmer, which means more comfort and lower energy bills for you. Vinyl tiles are also cheaper than ceramic tiles, but nicer looking than sheet vinyl.

2. Painted cabinets

A fresh coat of paint on your cabinet doors is a great way to brighten up your kitchen and make it more modern. It’s much more affordable than replacing your cabinets, and thanks to the endless variety of paint colors and finishes to choose from, you can customize them to fit any kitchen or bathroom style.

3. No stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances had their heyday a few years ago, but now they’re starting to decline in popularity, thanks to how well they show fingerprints and smudges. Instead, opt for a color that coordinates with your kitchen decor. Black and white are both popular, and go well with most kitchen styles.

4. More tile, less fiberglass (bathroom)

A popular trend in bathroom renovation is retiling the bath and shower. Often, this means replacing an existing fiberglass shower or tub, as well as enlarging the space and adding amenities that may not have been included before, like better showerheads, in-stall lighting, or heaters. Tile gives more flexibility in not only the design and shape of the shower and tub, but also the color and style.

5. Touchless fixtures

One of the easiest and simplest home improvements you can make is updating your kitchen and bathroom fixtures to include touchless technology. These faucets are not only more energy efficient, as they only run water when you need it to, but they also keep you healthier and your fixtures cleaner.

6. Energy efficiency

Other energy-efficient improvements are also big trend right now as homeowners are looking to cut expenses wherever they can. Maybe this means you install some form of solar or wind energy, or maybe you invest in appliances and fixtures that use less water. But the best part? Qualifying purchases will be eligible for a deduction on your 2015 tax return.

7. Playroom off the kitchen

When making home improvements, it’s important to really consider how the improvement will be used down the road. A good example of this is a playroom off the kitchen, which many younger families are choosing to add. This keeps the children within easy care distance while the parents work in the kitchen or dining rooms, but it can be adopted as the children grow and have less use for a playroom. When they begin school it can be made into a homework area. As teenagers, maybe it will be a TV or game room.

8. In-law suites

Another trend in home improvement is adding an in-law suite onto the home rather than building an entirely new structure. This is usually more efficient than adding a new structure — new wiring and plumbing do not need to be extended nearly as far, and you’ll have useable room in your backyard.

9. Outdoor spaces

No home is complete without the perfect backyard, and that’s what many 2015 home improvement projects focus on. To create the perfect outdoor space, be sure to include seating, a place to set drinks, and shade. Creative landscaping is a great way to take it up a notch from there.

10. Hardwood flooring

Many homeowners looking to add a bit of classic elegance to their property choose to invest in hardwood flooring. This is especially true for 2015, when vintage reigns supreme. Hardwood floors are durable and versatile, and depending on the wood type can be fairly affordable.

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For more home improvement tips or for help identifying your property’s fix-and-flip potential, give Real Property Management Evolve Tucson Tucson a call at 520-883-RENT.

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